Exhibition Poster Design

Exhibition materials for Chicago based artist Vida Sačić. Acute Accent is a mark (´ ) placed over certain letters in some languages to indicate an alteration of sound such as the quality, quantity, or pitch.

Client: Catich Gallery
2019 – 08
Poster Design

Poster campaign for a summer class “Packaging Design” at Northeastern Illinois University.

Client: Northeastern Illinois University
2019 – 10
Branding and Identity

Luminary is a brand launched by The Art Institute of Chicago in 2020 that represents a society of the museum’s largest donors. Luminary membership gives exclusive benefits to its members that can be used at the Art Institute of Chicago and also outside of the museum.

Client: Art Institute of Chicago
2020 – 07
Postcard Design

Postcards “Wait, this is free?” was made for the Art Institute of Chicago and introduces free access programs for everyone.

Client: Art Institute of Chicago
2020 – 02
Poster Design

A poster for a fiction concert by Lou Reed was designed and screen printed in Chicago. Screen Production: Todd Irwin.

Personal Project
2019 – 10