Exhibition & Marketing Campaign Identity

Exhibition and marketing campaign identity for the show “The Obama Portraits” at The Art Institute of Chicago is based on a vibrant color palette, charismatic typography, and straight forward messages.
           Bright colors compliment both pieces of artwork and support the campaign with high positive energy and optimism.

Campaign and Exhibition Identity–Vitalii Emelianov.
Marketing Campaign–Leo Burnet.
Exhibition Design–Kirsten Southwell, Kristin Best.
Exhibition Architecture–Leticia Pardo.
Video Production–Kirill Mazor.
Digital Campaign Design and Development–Vitalii Emelianov.
Graphic Design–Vitalii Emelianov, Kristin Best, Kirsten Southwell, Salvador Cruz, Marc Choi, Sara Sukhun, Leo Burnett.
Project Management–Lorenzo Conte, Gina Giambalvo.
Creative Direction–Kirsten Southwell, Michael Neault.
Photography by Vitalii Emelianov, Jonathan Mathias / Art Institute of Chicago.
Marketing Campaign featuring artworks by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald.
Typeface–FK Screamer, FK Display.

            ︎︎︎Art Institute of Chicago

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